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ABOUT innisfree


Recycle your used empty bottles at innisfree store and be rewarded!

If all of us are in this together, we can save a pine tree.

For the past 10 years, we have collected over 800,000 bottles
through Empty Bottle Recycling Campaign and planted more than
860 pine trees for a better environment.

Empty Bottle Recycling Campaign since 2003

Please return the innisfree empty bottles.
Total number of empty bottles received by innisfree (updated in 2015)*

* From 2003~2015, Based on bottle number collected in Korea

12,524,850 empty bottles recycled

  • 3,626,659


  • 4,320,705


  • 4,577,486


* Empty Bottle Recycling Highlights from 2015 to 2017

Recycling Process

Protect the nature in your daily life!

How to participate in the Empty Bottle Recycling Campaign
  1. Step 1 Bring empty innisfree bottles to our stores
  2. Step 2 Be rewarded by participating in Empty Bottle Recycling Campaign
  • - Applicable to innisfree Hong Kong products only (skincare, suncare, hair and body, hand cream (30ml or above), fragrant products made of glass or plastic)
  • - Or product printed with "Please return to innisfree after use"

  • - Exclude makeup, nail, beauty tool, paper mask, capsule mask, canned type, "Not for sale" products
    - Maximum of 5 empty bottles per member per month

GREEN LIFE CAMPAIGN Let’s go green and make recycling a part of our lives.