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ABOUT innisfree

2innisfree's BRAND PROMISES

Our commitment to share natural benefits of pure island

a pure island for
natural beauty

Together with the wisdom of nature,
innisfree delivers true healthy beauty to customers.

innisfree’s 5 Promises

  • 1.
    We pursue healthy beauty through
    “reliable ingredients.”
  • 2.
    We pursue “smart consumption” by providing
    various good-quality products
    at reasonable prices.
  • 3.
    We continue to include “eco-friendly green
    design” to leverage on the rich
    benefits of nature.
  • 4.
    We practice “eco-friendly green life”
    to preserve the wellbeing of nature.
  • 5.
    We offer “holistic sensory experience”
    based on the diversity of pure nature.


We strive not just for our skin
but for everything that coexists with us
towards more sustainable Beauty

We care deeply about your skin and
are committed to delivering
skin-conscious Beauty.

We care deeply about the place we all
call Home and stand for Beauty that is
also beautiful for our environment.

innisfree is taking Action.

We’re taking action for skin that looks
and feels healthy and it starts with our
Green Innovation Lab

Researching nature-derived ingredients
that are gentle on skin yet effective in

Clean formula
We look for ingredients you can trust,
to maintain the integrity of our
clean formulas.
We’re expanding our range of
vegan-friendly products.
Coral reef-friendly
We’re caring for marine
ecosystems by making all our
sunscreens reef-friendly.

We’re taking action for the Earth.

Starting with less plastic
We’re reducing our use of new plastic and expanding our use of
recycled plastics.
We're increasing our reusable
and recyclable packaging, enabling us
to build a more beautiful environment.
We’re planting trees across the world
to continue our reforestation efforts,
to reach our goal of planting
500,000 trees.
As an eco-conscious Beauty Brand,
we pledge to minimise our
environmental impact.