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Recycled Coffee

The Story of Recycled Coffee Line


In Korea, 270,000 tons of waste coffee grounds
are produced annually, with a disposal cost
of over KRW 32.4 billion (including labour cost).

A surge of cafes and restaurants in Jeju island
which showed their highest business growth rates
during the past 5 years in Korea, also led to an
exponential increase in these waste coffee grounds.

innisfree decided to focus on this environmental
issue and add new value to the waste coffee grounds
by creating a whole new line of special care products,
that help to exfoliate and moisturise the skin.

After intensive research and testing on ingredients
plus a thorough examination conducted
by the Ministry of Environment, innisfree secured
both safety and expertise in establishing its own
mechanism of ‘upcycling beauty’.

All of us can care for the nature while taking care
of our skin.

innisfree’s Upcycling Beauty Process

Recycled Coffee Line

  • Purifying Body Wash
    With Recycled Coffee

    400ml / RM65

  • Purifying Body Scrub
    With Recycled Coffee

    200g / RM80

  • Purifying Jelly Mask
    With Recycled Coffee

    80ml/ RM55

  • Purifying Lip Scrub
    With Recycled Coffee

    15ml / RM30

Available from 1 – 30 November 2019, while stocks last.
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Recycled Coffee Special

Get a Shower Ball* with purchase of the Recycled Coffee Set
(Purifying Body Wash & Body Scrub).

*While stocks last.