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ABOUT innisfree

SINCE 2010

Take out your handkerchief for the Earth


Instead of using a disposable tissue, handkerchief will save trees and keep the forest green and even lower the temperature of the earth.

For 10 years, by starting making products from pure natural ingredients, innisfree have been sharing many ideas
that can protect environment by making a small habit such as Using Mug Cup Campaign, Bottle-Recycling Campaign and Eco-bag Using Campaign and etc.

We have deeply realized the preciousness of nature during Green Life Campaign. So it came to our mind what earth’s skin would like as well as yours.
How about changing your habits by using eco-handkerchief, carrying eco-bag or just riding a bicycle?
Small difference in your life will make yours and earth’s face beautiful!

innisfree Eco-Handkerchief Design
since 2010

Inspired by three scenic forests in Jeju Island.
  • Bija ForestA walk in the rain in the pristine Bija Forest filled with Bija trees.
  • Saryeoni ForestSome quiet time alone in the Saryeoni Forest tinged with mysterious sunlight.
  • Gotjawal ForestGreen in all seasons, the Gotjawal Forest where wild animals and fireflies inhabit.
Inspired by the pure Jeju Sea and Jeju Haenyeo.

Jeju Haenyeos (women divers), Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins, basalts, and corals that create a wonderful ecosystem of Jeju sea are reflected in the designs.

2015 Eco-Handkerchief design is about four seasons in Jeju and its nature.
  • Jeju’s Springwhen yellow canola flutters
  • Jeju’s Summerwhen white green tea flowers glitter
  • Jeju’s Autumnwhen Mt. Halla turns red
  • Jeju’s Winterwhen Camellia shyly blossoms
2014 Eco-Handkerchief design has been elected from Customer Eco-Handkerchief Design Contest.
The use of the handkerchief is written on each item.
  • Dasom Lee’s design
  • Kyung-Hwa Kim’s design
  • Yuiia’s design
In 2013, we put Jeju pony to express the beauty of Jeju. Meet
our Jeju pony character ‘Innirang’!

Jeju pony character ‘Innirang’ represents the beautiful nature and protection of Jeju eco system

2012 Eco-Handkerchief design depicts endangered species in Jeju Island.
  • Endangered wild flowers including orchid, gumsaewooran, glabrous-sarcandra herb and yellow rose mallow
  • A harmonious scene with Jeju pony and wild flowers
  • The circle embracing Jeju wild flowers indicate that the men and nature should be together.
2011 Eco-Handkerchief has been designed through
collaboration between three celebrities and three illustrators.
  • Designed and illustrated by the chairman of Jeju Olle Trail, Myung-sook Seo, with illustrator Yun-Kyung Oh.
  • Designed and illustrated by Yoona from SNSD with illustrator Ji-Un Lee.
  • Designed and illustrated by weather forecaster In-ah Hyun with illustrator Yool Seo.
Year 2010 was the first year to start Eco-Handkerchief Campaign.
We focused on how to use them in various ways. This small change can save our trees and forest!
  • Use your eco-handkerchief instead of napkin to dry your glass with cold beverage.
  • Eco-handkerchief is a perfect way to be stylish just by wrapping on your wrist!
  • Gift packing materials are difficult to be recycled. Use eco-handkerchief instead to express your friendship. It would be a surprise!