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Jeju Volcanic Konjac Cleansing Sponge 1p

The 100% pure plant-based volcanic ash and konjac cleansing sponge from the clean island of jeju.

Rp 61,000

Product Details

Volcanic ash and jelly sponge for sensitive skin!

- innisfree's volcanic ash and jelly sponge comes from the pure environment on Jeju island.

- Delicate bubbles deeply cleanse the pores of sensitive skin.
About Jeju volcanic clusters

This is a remarkable natural ingredient that forms when lava from a volcano eruption solidifies on Jeju Island. It is excellent for absorbing sebum and dirt.
What Else You Need Yo Know
Free from talc, silicon, and mineral oil
Use for deep cleansing pores softly


[Caution] 1. Rinse twice in running water before using for the first time. 2. Dry off after using the sponge and soak it for 30 seconds to make it soft before re-using. 3. Do not rub on the same spot several times to keep your skin and sponge from damaging. 4. Do not share with others and keep the sponge clean for next use. 5. Do not use for any other purposes. 6. Keep out of reach of children. 7. This konjac sponge has a lifespan of 2-3 months.

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8 Reviews / 4.0


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  • Decent

    Been using it for 3 months and I like it how it feels on my skin. After using it my skin feels so clean and soft but the cons is the konjac damage so quickly. I wish the konjac can be more durable.

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    bell* P DEC 30, 2019

    Skin Type : Normal / Combination

    Age : 25~34

  • ok

    It does it job well but spoils very fast. Been using it for about 2weeks and its lost it sponginess and its falling apart.

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    Step***** K NOV 12, 2018

    Skin Type : Dry

    Age : 45~54

  • It made my skin smoother

    I like how it is soft and not painful, yet cleanses my skin really well. I can feel my dead skin dissapeared and my skin became very smooth.. (。’▽’。)♡

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    Me* K AUG 12, 2018

    Skin Type : Normal / Combination

    Age : 19~24

  • Used for second-step cleansing

    After oil cleanser, used this for foam cleanser and daily exfoliation. Have been dealing with dreadful black/white heads and this konjac sponge helped to clean impurities better + make skin more absorbing for treatment products. Can see my face brightening up after clogged pores got taken care of.

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    Joan********* T JUL 28, 2018

    Skin Type : Normal / Combination

    Age : 19~24


    I've bought this sponge in this evening and tried it after back home. I've cleaned my face twice right after wipe off my makeup and another one is before go to bed. This product works FANTASTIC ! I REALLY LOVE IT ! Before this I had a problem with my blackhead and had tried a lot of product and also DIY 😂 but then, the blackhead is very hard to remove. With this product, my blackhead and whitehead is GONE ! OMG! Me myself cant believe this.

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    Fati* I JUN 30, 2018

    Skin Type : Normal / Combination

    Age : 19~24

  • Great usage

    I really like the cleansing sponge because it really helps to soften my skin and make it smooth. With the sea salt cleansing foam, the sponge really soaks it up and smoothens my skin. Great product.

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    Call**** S NOV 05, 2017

    Skin Type : Normal / Combination

    Age : 13~18

  • I love it!!

    I had been searching for a tool that can I can use to exfoliate my face skin almost on a everyday basis. And when I saw the konjac sponge, I thought of giving it a try.

    The verdict, I enjoyed using it. It keeps my skin smooth but it wasn't harsh on the skin. It is easy to use also. Just a bit of your facial cleanser on the konjac sponge will create a lot of lather. I plan to continue using it and will monitor the changes in my skin as well.

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    Nens* S APR 21, 2017


    it's my first konjac sponge!!

    I start looking konjac sponge when I get to know bout this product's usage.. so glad it is selling in M'sia's innisfree store.. and i decided to get 1 for myself cuz I just cant resist anything INNISFREE!!

    it's so so so SOFT! as it's mentioned, it has 93% konjac jelly.. it's so smooth, soft and gentle on my skin!

    I have a very very dry skin, I can't use it on my dry area everyday, I use it for 2-3 times per week to exfoliate..

    however, I have several milias, whiteheads and blackheads around my nose area.. I use this konjac sponge on my nose area everyday, and it does redudes my milias, whiteheads and blackheads amount..

    AMAZING!! can't believe it can just clear up my pores in such a gentle way!!

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    Ko* X AUG 13, 2016

    Skin Type : Dry

    Age : 19~24

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