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What are the ingredients in your product?
You can find the information on product description page
How can I find the products in the website?
You may find the product by searching keyword or by navigating the category of product.
If you're unsure on which products suit you best, please check out our inni beauty finder page.
What are the ingredients in your product?
You can find the information on product description page.
How come we cannot purchase some products that are already issued in Korea?
Please kindly understand though there are some products available in Korea, the product issue schedule can vary accordingly to regions due to their own export, custom policy and shipping schedule.

Settings & Security

Will my emails or inquiries always be answered?
We will try our best to respond to your inquiries on the day that we receive them within 2 days. However, responses may be delayed on Friday afternoons, Mondays, or when we receive a lot of inquiries.
I cannot access the website due to a temporary error that appears on the screen.
It may be a temporary problem. Try it again after a while. If the problem continues, please contact us.
How can I reset my location/language?
Yes, you can reset your location/language through the welcome pop-up window and the menu in the top right corner.


Where can I buy innisfree products?
You can find the store information in store location.

My INNISFREE Rewards (Account Registration & Sign In)

What is “My innisfree Rewards”?
My innisfree Rewards is a new upgraded membership program in Indonesia that allows you to earn points on valid product purchases and with additional members-only benefits.
Customers can join the membership program with any purchase.
What other member-only benefits excepting earing point?
Premium/ VIP members can accumulate double points (only once in that particular month) and receive a Birthday Voucher during their birthday month.

VIP members will be given an exclusive VIP Voucher once a year.
*Innisfree Indonesia reserves the right to alter or change the member-only benefits without prior notice.
How do I achieve Premium grade?
Welcome members who have spent above Rp1.200.000,- within a 12-month period will be upgraded automatically to Premium member starting from the first the following month.
How do I achieve VIP grade?
Welcome members/Premium members who have spent above Rp2.400.000,- within a 12-month period will be upgraded automatically to VIP member starting from the first day of the following month.
How to earn points?
- Members are entitled to accumulate points for fixed-price products.
2% accumulation points for new member / 3% for Premium / 4% for VIP

*Points are not accumulated for discounted & promotional items.
*Members need to notify Innisfree Indonesia if there is any problem regarding the point balance within 30 days of transaction via email to
How to use your points? (1 point has the same value as Rp1)
All accumulated points can be used to redeem in store merchandises. (Minimum points usage 2.000 = Rp2.000)

*Points accumulated cannot be exchanged for cash
*Items which are fully or partially redeemed through points are strictly not allowed for exchange or return.
When will my points expire?
All accumulated points will be forfeited if there is no transaction within a year.

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