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  • When we opened the first innisfree store in Canada two years ago, our goal was to bring the best
    and latest K-Beauty products to our customers and make them accessible to all.
    While our commitment to quality and serving our community remains the same,
    circumstances have changed over the past year and we anticipate that the health
    and safety risks of COVID-19 will be impacting our ability to deliver the right experience
    for the remainder of 2021 and beyond.
  • In that challenging context, we unfortunately had to make the difficult decision to
    close all innisfree retail stores in Canada.
    innisfree Yorkdale Mall and Scarborough Town Centre will close the doors on May 8th, 2021
    (Innisfree CF Toronto Eaton center and Markville mall have been closed).
  • We want to thank everyone who loved and supported Innisfree during our years of operation.
    Our website and social medial platforms will remain open to keep the community informed of our products.
    Innisfree will continue to offer select assortment at Sephora Canada.
  • We hope you stay well and safe.
  • Is innisfree closing?

    No! You will still be able to shop your innisfree favorites at select Sephora stores and on

  • Where can I shop innisfree?

    You can shop Innisfree at select Sephora stores and on

  • I just came into the store last week- can I come back to price match?

    For purchases made after April 8, 2021: All items purchased are final sale,
    and cannot be returned for exchange, credit or refunds.*

  • Are the sale items in-store final sale?

    Yes, items bought in-store are final sale. They cannot be returned or exchanged.

  • Can I return a product I bought during the Sale at another store?

    No, items are final sale and cannot be returned to any store.

  • Is payment cashless only in store?

    Yes – at this time we are only accepting card payment as an extra safety measure.

  • How can I recycle my products for points moving forward?

    The recycling program was an exclusive offer available to consumers at Innisfree stores.
    We will be working on finding alternative ways to support the environment and our community and
    provide more sustainable beauty solutions to our customers.

  • How can I exchange my product I bought in-store? Can I return it?

    All items purchased are final sale, and cannot be returned for exchange, credit or refunds.
    Under limited circumstances, we will refund any damaged or defective items upon proper validation
    and approval at innisfree’s discretion, provided such requests are submitted to
    within 14 days of purchase.

  • Will innisfree open stores again in the future?

    At this time, we are unable to confirm new store locations, but we are available to shop 24/7 online
    at and at select Sephora locations.

  • I loved shopping in-store! I’ll miss the experience connecting with innisfree ☹

    Thanks for the love, inniFriend! We loved our in-store experience too and seeing you there.
    Don’t worry - we look forward to continuing with you via our website,
    in Sephora and on our social media channels 💚

    * For more information visit