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2022 GUIDE TO Sunscreens


#Matte Finish #EVERYDAY
Tone Up No Sebum Sunscreen 50ml
SPF 50+ PA++++
- No-sebum sunscreen for a soft, matte finish this no-sebum solution with porous,
light powder controls the greasiness of the skin to keep it soft and matte.
- Pore care with covering effect Tone-up, pore-covering sunscreen to temporarily
smoothen out pores of different sizes and density for bright and smooth finish.
- UV ray-reflecting physical sunscreen mineral filters help reflect UV rays from the
moment it reaches skin's surface.

Intensive Line

#sun screen for outdoor activities #Water Resistant
Intensive Triple-Shield Sunscreen 50ml
- Powerful waterproof function
- Mineral filter that reflects UV
rays on the skin’s surface
- Triple functions(instant brightening,
anti-wrinkle, protection. there is no
stickiness it is a White turbidity cream
(natural tone correction cream)
when tapped by hand it can easily
merge with skin.
- Refreshing and soft finish for
oily skin lacking moisture
Pleasantly textured for oily skin,
this sunscreen leaves your skin feeling
refreshed and soft with zero stickiness.
- Soothing and moisturizing skin
It contains beta-glucan, which cares
for rough skin caused by sunlight.
- Powerful waterproof sunscreen
The tenacious waterproof formula is
great for use during water activities
and other outdoor events.
- Powerful waterproof function
- Anti-pollution function that
prevents the absorption of indoor
and outdoor particulate matter
- Triple functions
- Blocks powerful particulate matter
(microscopic particles of solid or
liquid matter) suspended in the air
even Blocks Blue Light.