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Bija Cica care a day
keeps your skin concerns away Bija Cica Balm

#UltimateCica #EraserBalm

The Story of Bija Cica

The name, Bija, derives from the shape of its leaves being similar to
the Chinese character, Bi (非). Obtained from Bija trees, Bija fruit is a
rare and precious ingredient that provides exceptional skin protection.
Cica (Centella Asiatica)
Cica is an Asian herb which is believed by many cultures to possess
medicinal properties. You’ll often see Cica referred to as Tiger Grass,
legend has it that after battle, tigers would roll in this plant to soothe
their wounds. In Korea, Cica has been used for centuries to help treat
scars and heal injured skin.

The Bija Cica Care

  • Bija Cica Gel

    It’s lightweight gel-type
    Texture soothes sensitive
    skin and resolves
    various skin concerns.

  • Bija Cica Balm

    This gel-type balm relieves
    & repairs troubled skin
    while protecting it against
    external irritants.

  • Bija Cica Mask

    Perfect fitting sheet mask
    with bija cica essence helps
    soothe overly stressed skin
    and improve skin’s condition.

The Complete Bija Line

Bija Trouble Care A complete range of products available for prevention or acne care
  • Cleansing gel

    150ml / RM50

  • Facial Foam

    150ml / RM33

  • Skin

    200ml / RM63

  • Gel Cream

    50ml / RM67.50

  • Lotion

    100ml / RM63

  • Spot Essence

    15ml / RM63

  • Focusing Patch

    12pcs / RM40.50

  • Mask

    120ml / RM54.50

Bija Cica Care A complete range of products available for post treatment or healing care
  • Balm

    40ml / RM100

  • Gel

    40ml / RM100

  • Mask

    20g / RM17

Bija Cica Special

  • Purchase a No Problem! Bija Best Collection at RM100.

    Inclusive of Bija Cica Balm 40ml, Bija Cica Skin 50ml, Bija Trouble Spot Essence 5ml,
    1pc Bija Cica Mask & 10% discount coupon.

    *The coupon containing 10% off on Bija Care Products can only be redeem starting
    1 March - 31 May 2019.

  • Purchase a Bija Cica Balm / Bija Cica Gel Receive a complimentary Bija Trouble Trial Kit.

    Inclusive of Bija Trouble Facial Foam 15ml, Bija Trouble Skin 15ml,
    Bija Trouble Lotion 15ml.

*Available from 1 - 28 February 2019, while stocks last.