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Bija Trouble Cleansing Gel 150 mL

This cleansing gel, formulated with bija seed oil, salicylic acid, and rose crysta, removes makeup and impurities while helping to relieve tired looking skin.

Product Details

1. Excellent cleansing for clear skin
This cleansing gel thoroughly cleanses makeup and impurities and salicylic acid exfoliates dead skin cells.

2. Excellent skin improvement
The formula contains Jeju bija oil, which features an exceptional skin improvement effect.

3. A great facial cleanser for skin with acne
This product has been noncomedogenic tested and is safe for skin with acne.

4. Refreshing without feeling slippery
The formula clears away makeup and impurities with a refreshing finish, free from any slippery sensation.
Experience bija's excellent soothing effects!

Bija seeds are a rare ingredient that can only be used after they have survived 20 years in the wild.

Its hardy properties gently smooth skin and enhance the skin's natural defense system.

1. Bija energy for protecting the skin
Bija that bears precious fruits after enduring for a long time retains excellent natural energy to dramatically improve skin condition.

2. Beautiful fair trade in Songdang-ri, Jeju
By buying the bijas grown in Songdang-ri, Jeju through fair trade, a new income source is created and contributes to the community.

3. Citrus green herbal fragrance from Bija Forest of a thousand years
A rich fragrant smell of the forest that produces phytoncides and 100% natural essential oil fragrances of lavender, lemon and lime relax and refresh your mind and body as if you are standing in the middle of Bija Forest.
[How to use] Apply an appropriate amount onto dry face and gently massage with fingertips to remove makeup. Rinse with lukewarm water.


[Caution] (1) For external use only. (2) Avoid direct contact with eyes. (3) If contact occurs rinse thoroughly with water. (4) Discontinue use and consult a doctor if irritation occurs. (5) Keep out of reach of children.

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9 Reviews / 5.0


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  • gel tẩy trang đỉnh nhất

    sử dụng tẩy trang dạng gel vừa sạch lại không gây bít tắc lỗ chân lông và cũng không cần nhữ hoá như dạng dầu và sáp và mình đặc biệt rất ưng em này

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    L* T JUL 17, 2020

    Skin Type : Normal / Combination

  • Love it for dry skin

    A non drying cleanser is what a dry skin loves. This gel cleanser doesnt strip out the skin yet cleanses well but the pump bottle makes it even more likeable

    Was this helpful?

    Sast******** A MAY 27, 2020

  • Second bottle because BHA cleansing is amazzziingggg!

    I use this quite often in my skincare routine alongside my cleansing foam (I do double cleansing on a regular basis) due to the fact that this has salicylic acid (BHA) which deals with your skin's inner layer clean up despite it being sold to remove your make-up residue.

    I quite like the texture and the feel of it. My skin feels better after a wash, it's like... you know that your face got cleaned when you use this gel cleanser because I always find myself doubting whether cleansing water does clean all the make-up on your face you know? I had recently found out that that was the case for me when I went to a facial spa recently where they ined me that my cleansing game isn't good enough as make-up residue was still lingering on my face so they suggested to do triple cleanse but make sure that it doesn't over-wash your face so ingredient is key when you do it!

    So whenever I use make-up on my day out, I would unwind by cleaning my face with the Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Oil, this Cleansing Gel and a Cleansing Foam to do the trick for me. Because of how gentle but ingredient packed my routine is, it doesn't make my face super dry or tight at the end of the cleansing routine so I'm quite happy with the product!

    I would recommend this to people who would want something gentle but effective in their skincare routine. The fragrance isn't pungent, it's lightweight and easy to use. Plus it's not often that you find products that has BHA as well.

    Was this helpful?

    Adri*** A FEB 13, 2020

    Skin Type : Dry

    Age : 25~34

  • works really great!

    this bija trouble cleansing gel is really suitable for my skin as the ula is very gentle. It calms irritated skin and it is very soothing! this is my favourite cleanser; great cleanser!

    Was this helpful?

    Prai** L DEC 24, 2019

    Skin Type : Normal / Combination

    Age : 13~18

  • Good decision!

    My skin is quite sensitive, and I've tried using several products other brands to treat my acne but nothing works. Things started to change after I use this products! My acne is clearing up nicely! It's hard to get used to the consistency of the product at first but hey it was definitely a good decision to buy this!

    Was this helpful?

    Ghin* S DEC 06, 2019

    Skin Type : Acne-Prone

    Age : 19~24

  • Loveeee this!!!

    Gel ini bisa buat make up remover skalian cuci muka❤

    Was this helpful?

    novi** O NOV 22, 2019

    Skin Type : Acne-Prone

    Age : 25~34

  • Feels so good

    First, i love this product. Aku tipe orang yang susah nyari cleanser yang cocok. Karena setiap nyoba cleanser pasti panas, gatel, dll. Cuma yang satu ini ngga sama sekali. Emang produk ini nge claim untuk kulit sensitif. So far worth it. Cuma emang dia sifatnya kaya micellar water, jadi harus double cleansing yes.

    Was this helpful?

    Kint** W NOV 17, 2019

    Skin Type : Oily

    Age : 19~24

  • Nice product

    Nice product

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    Yvon** S SEP 20, 2019

    Skin Type : Acne-Prone

    Age : 19~24

  • Tẩy trang sạch, kháng khuẩn, ngừa mụn.

    Mình ko makeup, chỉ tẩy trang bụi bẩn, tẩy rất sạch giúp da đỡ mụn rất nhiều. Mình dùng với gel và lotion trị mụn rất hiệu quả.

    Was this helpful?

    LƯƠN***** M AUG 31, 2019

    Skin Type : Acne-Prone

    Age : 19~24

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