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Signature Diffuser Elements of Jeju 100 mL

This calm patchouli-based diffuser with a hint of green, creates little Jeju inside the house by filling up the space with scent.

RM 98.00

Signature Diffuser Elements of Jeju Earth

Product Details

1. Nature Elements
Under the fragrance concept inspired by Jeju when it was inhabited, these are abstract and premium fragrances rather than an associable one

2. Jeju Story
Based on the historical background and storytelling of elements in Jeju island, we aim to promote naturalism of Innisfree and Jeju branding of Fragrance bar

3. Gift Worthy
With the art work of Min -Seung Jang, Jeju artworks are printed in the package, making it exclusive and suitable for gifts.
Wood rings and reed sticks are included in the set, which is also suitable for gifts.
[How to use] Open the wooden cap and carefully remove the stopper using tools such as scissors. Put the wooden cap back on and put about 2 reed sticks. If the intensity of the fragrance is weak, you can flip the reed sticks and you can adjust the number of reed sticks to control the intensity of fragrance. The intensity of fragrance varies depending on the size of room, environment and temperature.


1. Do not use the product for purposes other than intended. 2. Keep out of reach of children or pets. 3. Do not keep the product in a place with overly high temperature and/or exposed to direct sunlight because this is a flammable product. 4. If the product gets into the eyes or touches your skin, rinse out with clean water and consult with a doctor. 5. When using in areas vulnerable to discoloration or bleaching, check in advance on an unnoticeable spot before use. 6. The product may cause discoloration or damage if it touches plastic, cloth, or furniture, so be cautious. 7. Use the product at room temperature. If the product freezes, it may go bad. 8. Keep the product straight up. If it is left lying down, perfume may flow out, so be cautious. 9. After using in a sealed room, ventilate the room. 10. Be careful not to drop or damage the product by mistake. If perfume leaks out, wipe it immediately. 11. Be careful of damaging the product due to falling or careless handling. 12. Do not put the product in a spray bottle and spray. 13. People with sensitive or damaged skin should be careful not to contact the product for a long time.

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Major ingredients: ethanol, fragrance oil(dipropylene glycol etc.)
Allergens: alpha-isomethyl ionone, citronellol, coumarin, hexyl cinnamal, linalool
Surfactants: isopropylidene glycerol(nonionic)

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