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Jeju pomegranate revitalizing eye serum 30ml

A revitalizing eye serum with active ingredients from fresh Jeju pomegranate squeeze for bright, supple and smooth skin around the eyes

NT$ 990.00

Product name and availability may vary by country.

Product Details

1. Active ingredients in Jeju pomegranate squeeze treat five signs of skin aging – loss of moisture, vibrant energy, glow, firmness and wrinkles – to keep the skin healthy and vibrant.

2. Ellagic acid in Jeju pomegranate squeeze treats signs of skin aging caused by external irritants and strengthens the skin's self-defensive power to help stay healthy.

3. Its light, essential gel texture effectively works mildly to firm up the dull skin around the eyes that lacks resilience.
For centuries, pomegranate has been known as a women's elixir that is ideal for health and the skin of women. innisfree has sought to capture and use active ingredients in pomegranate fruit, peel and seed to the fullest. The Jeju Pomegranate line made through innisfree's squeeze method possesses pure and clean Jeju pomegranate squeeze for healthy and vibrant skin.
Release an appropriate amount onto your hand, and apply around your eye areas. Gently pat with your fingers for better absorption.


1) Stop using the product if the following problems arise while using the product as continued use could worsen the symptoms. Consult with a dermatologist,
A) If red spots, swelling, itchiness, and irritation occur.
B) If the above problems occur on the applied area on the skin from direct sunlight.
2) Do not use on areas with wounds, eczema, and dermatitis.
3) Storage and handling precautions
A) Close the lid after use.
B) Keep out of the reach of children.
C) Do not store in places with overly high or low temperature and keep away from direct sunlight.

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4 Reviews / 4.0


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  • Bagus banget!!

    Ini produk bagus banget. Sebenernya aku dapet ini dari sample kit waktu aku beli innisfree d luar negeri. Tapi setelah aku coba. I love it. Bener2 bisa moisture area mata dan aman buat kulit sensitif

    Was this helpful?

    Jesi** J DEC 19, 2018

    Skin Type : Normal / Combination

    Age group : 25~34

  • Effective but maybe a bit too rich for my oily skin

    Under eye lines are less obvious and the same areas are less dark after a fortnight's usage. However, I have had a few tiny pimple-like bumps developed under my eyes due to the rich texture. I guess I have to apply very strictly near to the lower lash area.

    Was this helpful?

    Kath***** L APR 12, 2018

    Skin Type : Oily

    Age group : 35~44

  • Anti aging eye cream for me

    Eye cream memang hasilnya gak instan. Produk ini bilang untuk anti-aging dan brightening. Untuk wrinkle sih xoxo aja sih. Kerutan halus masih terlihat di area bawah mata. Kalo brightening, lumayan lah. Dengan catatan kalau aku tidur tepat waktu. Kalo begadang, mau krim semahal apapun gak akan ngaruh. Yang paling berasa beda, area kulit mata jd lebih moist aja drpd sebelumnya.

    Was this helpful?

    Gin* G APR 03, 2018

    Skin Type : Normal / Combination

    Age group : 25~34

  • refreshing

    i have black circles under my eyes and after using for 2days i can see clear difference and it lighten up.

    Was this helpful?

    Fay* J MAR 18, 2018

    Skin Type : Normal / Combination

    Age group : 25~34

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