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Natural Room Water Flower Cafe Day 220mL

This floral scented room water gives a romantic feeling of a small comfortable café filled with dried flowers.

S$ 29.00

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Product Details

1. Simply spray three times. A convenient antibacterial deodorant for your home
From fabric sofas and curtains, which are difficult to wash, to sportswear or clothes, the spray removes any permeated unpleasant odor to keep the items feeling refreshed and freshly cleaned.

2. Over 99% natural origin ingredients
The formula is safe enough to be used on baby products as well as all fabric items with over 99% natural origin ingredients.
*Do not use on wool, leather, fur, waterproof textile or non-washable products (silk, rayon, acetate, linen, etc.)
*White floatage might appear due to the formula containing over 99% natural origin ingredients.

3. Easy-to-use spray gun room water
Refresh your space and enjoy innisfree’s fragrance with the easy-to-use spray gun, which allows for effortless use even in large spaces.
Spray in the air or on to the fabric such as clothing, baby products, pillow, blanket, curtain, carpet from 20~30 cm of distance. Use this whenever you want to change the mood of the room after cooking, or before you have guests coming.


1. Do not use for any other purposes.
2. Keep out of reach of children
3. Avoid direct sunlight or heat.
4. Do not spray on people or food.
5. If frozen, the product may be spoiled. Use only at room temperature.
6. If the product enters the eyes or touches the skin, wash off with clean water. If abnormal symptoms appear, consult a doctor.
7. Beware not to leave the product lying, or the fluid may flow out. 8. Get enough ventilation when using the product.
9. When using in areas vulnerable to discoloration or bleaching, check in advance on an unnoticeable spot before use.
10. Check and test before using on non-washable fabric (silk, rayon, acetate, hemp).
11. Do not use on leather, fur or waterproof materials.

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