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Afraid to open wide while enjoying a mouthful of food?
Worried you’d creep out others over a sudden video call?

HYDRATION - this is WHY you need it!

innisfree’s NEW Green Tea Seed Serum
#WHydration #HydrationHero #Doubtfree


The #HydrationHero for Your Skin Is Here!

The trusty Green Tea Seed Serum
and its sidekicks have arrived in brand new suits!

  • -Formulated with #BeautyGreenTea,
    an exclusive ingredient born only for your skin
  • -Hydrates & strengthens moisture barrier with Dual-Moisture-Rising
    Technology™ containing fresh green tea water and seed oil 
  • -A moisturising serum used at the first step after cleansing

The Green Tea Line

Experience the hydration power of Fresh Green Tea Water 2.0™ extracted
from the innisfree-exclusive #BeautyGreenTea leaves.

  • Seed Line

    Green Tea Seed Serum (80ml) /
    Green Tea Seed Skin (200ml) /
    Green Tea Seed Essence-in-Lotion (100ml) /
    Green Tea Seed Cream (50ml) /
    Green Tea Seed Deep Cream (50ml) /
    Green Tea Seed Eye Cream (30ml) /
    Green Tea Seed Eye & Face Ball (10ml)

  • Balancing Line

    Green Tea Balancing Skin EX (200ml) /
    Green Tea Balancing Lotion EX (160ml) /
    Green Tea Balancing Cream EX (50ml)

  • Cleansing

    Green Tea Foam Cleanser (150ml) /
    Green Tea Morning Cleanser (150ml) /
    Green Tea Cleansing Gel-to-Foam (150ml) /
    Green Tea Cleansing Oil (150ml)
    Green Tea Cleansing Water (300ml)

  • Special To-Go

    3-Minute Green Tea Skin Pack (100ea) /
    5-Minute Green Tea Leaf Powder Face Mask (70g) /
    Green Tea Sleeping Mask (80ml)
    Green Tea Mist (50ml) /
    Green Tea Mist - Micro (120ml) /
    Green Tea Mist (150ml)

Green Tea Seed Serum Essential Set

Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml

(Green Tea Sleeping Mask 30ml,
Green Tea Seed Cream 20ml,
Green Tea Seed Eye Cream 10ml)

*Available from 1 - 30 April 2019, while stocks last.