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Eco-Hankie Campaign 2018

Any time, Any place,
Use Eco-Hankie and save the earth


Play Green Everywhere

PLAY GREEN, regardless of place and method,
can slowly change the world with a right mindset and action

2018 Eco-Hankie designs are inspired by PLAYGREENERS
who each play green in their own way to care for the Earth.

  • Skater

    dreaming of a
    cleaner city

  • Surfer

    wishing to
    protect the ocean

  • Camper

    hoping for a
    thriving forest

#innisfreeIndia #ecohankie #playgreen

Share us how you
PLAY GREEN in your own way!

5th june 2018-30th june 2018

How to participate
Participants must take a photo of their own play green moment with eco-hankie and upload on their Instagram or Facebook account with the hashtags.

Mandatory hashtags
#innisfreeIndia #ecohankie2018 #playgreen

Event prize
& no. of winners
Limited Product Set & 10 Winners
Winner Announcement
5th July 2018

2018 Eco-Hankie Campaign
Limited Edition Collection

Purchase any Limited Edition
Product and get a Eco Hankie FREE!

* Design is distributed at random, while stocks last.
One redemption per member, terms and conditions apply.