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innisfree #UpcyclingBeauty

Recycled Coffee Line

Innisfree’s effort to protect the environment

Coffee oil and powder from coffee grounds
have excellent skin nourishing effect and helps improves skin elasticity.

Recycled Coffee Line

  • Purifying Body Scrub with Recycled Coffee

    200g / 1450 INR

  • Bubble Body scrub formulated with coffee
    grounds that gently exfoliates and
    helps firm body skin
  • Purifying Jelly Mask with Recycled Coffee

    80ml / 1000 INR

  • Clay jelly mask that exfoliates, absorbs dust,
    and hydrates without irritating
  • Purifying Lip Scrub with Recycled Coffee

    15ml / 550 INR

  • Lip scrub that helps hydrate and
    exfoliate lips with coffee oil’s nourishment
  • Purifying Body Wash with Recycled Coffee

    400ml / 1150 INR

  • Body wash that helps moisturize skin
    with coffee oil’s nourishment
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