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Bright Music Notes Scented Candle 60 g

Music notes spin around�the warmly�scented candle along with the sound of the year-end�home party music.

Rp 375,000

Product name and availability may vary by country.

Product Details

1. Creative and playful design fits the end of year mood
When the Netherland designer Jordy’s design collaborates with the beautiful rotary elements rotates when you light the candle, it makes it perfect as an interior accessory.

2. Spicy, woody, and musky scent that resembles the warmth we feel at end of the year
Warm and cozy, soft and elegant scent that comes to mind at the end of the year.

3. Scented candle that is safe to use
Soy wax is known for subtle and long-lasting scent, while creating less of candle tunneling and darkening. This makes it easy for first time users to use
1. Place spindle into rotary candle holder stand
2. Put the turbine on the metal tip of the spindle
3. Hang the parts with the hooks on the turbine so that the same shapes face eachother
4. Place the assembled parts on the candle
5. Light the candle and the turbine will automatically turn powered by the heat creating a dreamlike atmosphere


DO NOT TOUCH while the candle is lit or straight after blowing out the light as the metal rotary candle is hot.
[Precautions] 1. Leave the candle lit for 2-3 hours to avoid wax being left on the sides, if the candle is used for the first time. Do not burn the candle longer than 3 consecutive hours. 2. If the candle leaves too much soot when the flame grows small/big, remove wax and cut the wick (about 5mm). 3. Remove the label/tag before using the candle to avoid the risk of fire. 4. Do not put the product on furniture/home appliances that are not fireproof. (Use the stick/support) 5. Keep the product out of reach of children/pets to avoid the risk of fire. 6. Never place the product near combustible/flammable substances. 7. The candle becomes hot while in use. Avoid touching it. 8. Do not keep the product in a place with high temperature/humidity. 9. The product involves a risk of fire and requires your full caution. 10. Do not alter or manipulate the product. 11. Use, for example, a stick to put the wick into wax to extinguish the flame, so that it does not leave soot. 12. Make sure the fire is off and wait until the wax is completely hardened before relighting the candle. 13. Use the product within the user’s field of vision. 14. Follow the precautions well, or else you may get physical or financial damage. 15. Do not use the product for anything other than its intended purposes. 16. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight/heat. 17. If the product comes into contact with your skin/eyes, immediately flush with water and consult a doctor. 18. Ventilate after the product has been used in a closed room. 19. If you want to place the product on an area that may be prone to discoloration (e.g., wood, plastic, leather, clothes), check whether it’s discolored before using the product. 20. Please use the product at room temperature because there is a risk of deterioration if the product is frozen. 21. Use caution not to drop/damage the product. If wax leaks, immediately wipe away. 22. The candle may have cracks or drops showing on the surface, but this is due to the characteristics of soy wax, and these will disappear after lighting the candle. 23. Place the wick in the center and let the wax harden.

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