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Eco-Hankie Campaign 2018


Play Green Everywhere

PLAY GREEN, no matter when and where you are,
a simple eco-friendly action can help save the Earth

2018 Eco-Hankie designs are inspired by PLAYGREENERS
who each play green in their own way to care for the Earth.

  • Skater

    dreaming of a
    cleaner city

  • Surfer

    wishing to
    protect the ocean

  • Camper

    hoping for an enchanted,
    green forest.

#innisfreeIndonesia #ecohankie #playgreen

Bagikan pengalaman serumu
saat PLAYGREEN dengan caramu sendiri

1 – 30 June 2018.

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Silakan cek @innisfreeIndonesia Instagram Highlight Stories untuk cara mengikuti kompetisi #EcoHankie

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#innisfreeIndonesia #ecohankie #playgreen

Hadiah & Pengumuman Pemenang
3 orang followers beruntung berhak mendapatkan :
Eco-Hankie Limited Edition of Green Tea Seed Serum 160ml
+ Green Tea Balancing Skin 400ml
+ Green Tea Seed Cream 100ml.
Pemenang diumumkan pada 2 Juli 2018.

2018 Eco-Hankie Campaign
Limited Edition Collection

Double Size, Better Value!
Dapatkan Gratis Eco-Hankie (random design)
setiap pembelian Limited Produk dibawah ini:

* Design is distributed at random, while stocks last.
One redemption per member, terms and conditions apply.