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innisfree #UpcyclingBeauty

Recycled Coffee Line

innisfree’s Green Beauty


Used coffee grounds create considerable
waste around the world, causing a significant toll
on the environment.

We are tackling discarded waste by turning
used coffee grounds from the Green Café
at Jeju House into upcycled beauty collection.

Recycled Coffee from innisfree Jeju House

Jeju House, a place where visitors can experience the brand and spend relaxing time surrounded
by beautiful nature, has been built to preserve surrounding natural environment
while embodying natural beauty of Jeju Island.
We collected and processed recycled coffee grounds from Jeju House to extract coffee powder and
coffee oil to develop the Recycled Coffee collection dedicated to exfoliating and moisturising the skin.

Upcycling Process

  • Purifying Body Wash with Recycled Coffee

    A body wash formulated with
    nourishing coffee oil for moisturised skin

  • Enjoy a therapeutic shower experience
    with its coffee aroma,
    along with the nourishing coffee oil.
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  • Purifying Body Scrub with Recycled Coffee

    A body scrub with sugar particles
    and coffee oil gently remove dead skin cells
    and improve skin elasticity

  • Sugar particles and oil together create
    a rich foam that helps remove dead skin cells
    and boost cell turnover.
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  • Purifying Jelly Mask with Recycled Coffee

    Soft, jelly mask with coffee oil and
    powder removes dead skin cells and
    provides moisture to the skin

  • Scoop the jelly out, thinly spread over the face
    and when it hardens, add water and
    gently rub to scrub off dead skin cells and
    then wash it off thoroughly.
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  • Purifying Lip Scrub with Recycled Coffee

    A lip scrub with nourishing coffee oil and
    scrub particles that removes dead skin cells
    to keep the lips smooth

  • Gently removes dead skin cells from delicate
    lips and keeps them smooth and hydrated.
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